The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Character: Mick

Directed by: Doug Hughes

Written by: Rebecca Gilman

Cast Members: Bob Braswell, Jimonn Cole, Michael Cullen, James McDaniel

Venue: New York Theatre Workshop (Off-Broadway)

Production Dates: November 13 – December 20, 2009

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2hrs 20mins

The story of deaf John Singer as he navigates the world without his dearest friend who has been committed to an insane asylum. When Singer moves to a small Southern town, the locals flock to him as a newfound confidant, seeking compassion and understanding from the one person who needs it the most. Singer's isolation in the world is mirrored in a few of the townspeople he meets along the way - a café owner, a rebellious teenager, a black physician, and an idealistic labor organizer whose dreams have been shattered.



Script developed by Never Enough Design