I Am Ben

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Character: The Journalist
Director: Mathew Brady, Gaelan Connell
Written by: Mathew Brady, Gaelan Connell
Produced by:  Mathew Brady, Gaelan Connell, Juan Francisco Arias Flores, Stephen Israel, Charlie Saxton
Cinematography: Danny Grunes
Music: Bert Mueller
Release Date: March 1, 2012
Genre:  Comedy
Running Time: 22 min
Other casts: Gaelan Connell, Tim Jo, Ahna O’Reilly, Charlie Saxton, Creed Bratton

Tells the story of Arthur, a young writer with a bad case of OCD and an affinity for word banks. His close friends and roommates David and Drewbird believe the answer to Arthur’s problems is as simple as getting a girlfriend—or at least leaving his room once in a while to accrue some real experiences. When an aspiring Journalist appears as the solution to Arthur’s love life, the perfect woman Max mysteriously shows up. The only problem with Max…..she’s imaginary.



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