Breakable You

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Character: Maud Weller
Director: Andrew Wagner
Written by: Fred Parnes, Andrew Wagner
Produced by:  Kevin Fitzmaurice Comer
Cinematography: Harlan Bosmajian
Music: Adam Gorgoni
Release Date: January 7, 2017
Genre:   Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 2h
Other casts: Holly Hunter, Tony Shalhoub, Alfred Molina
Rated: R

Eleanor Weller (Hunter) is a therapist who is not coping well with changes in her personal life, including a recent divorce and the growing instability of her daughter. Her ex-husband Adam (Shalhoub) is a once promising playwright whose career has been on a steady decline for many years. When Adam receives a manuscript written by a dead friend, he seizes an opportunity to transform his life.



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